Fixing leaks at home can save up to 90 gallons a day

Running the washing machine only when full can save up to 25 gallons per load

Running the dishwasher only when full saves up to 25 gallons of water compared to handwashing

Shorten your shower and save up to 10 gallons

Conserving water and preparing for Heat in California

Frequently Asked Questions

Our climate is shifting, causing weather conditions like extreme heat to become more common. Extreme heat is a hazard to human health, worsens drought conditions, and exacerbates wildfires. As we move into the summer months, how can we work together to adapt to this new normal, stay cool. and conserve our limited water supply?

How can I conserve water in my daily life?

- Fixing leaks inside and outside the home can save up to 90 gallons of water each day.
- Running the washing machine only when full can save up to 45 gallons per load.
- Running the dishwasher only when full saves up to 24 gallons per load compared to washing dishes by hand.
- Installing aerators can save up to half a gallon per minute.
- Installing high-efficiency toilets can save up to 35 gallons per day.
- Instead of letting the water run while washing veggies and fruits, fill a bowl with water, drop them in and wipe them dry.
- Placing a bucket inside the shower while your water warms up and using it in your garden is a great way to save. Shorten your showers, take cold showers, or turn off the water while shaving - each of these actions can save over 10 gallons of water each shower.

Are there rebate programs for yard transformation?

Check with your local water agency to see if they can offer financial assistance with water-wise transformation, such as planting water-wise plants which are drought-resistant and adapted to California's climate.

Are there rebate programs for yard transformation?

Get heat ready at HeatReadyCA.com

Find out all the ways to conserve water at SaveOurWater.com

Why should I save water?

Water is a valuable resource that we all depend on to drink, eat and play. When it's warmer outside, we lose more water to the air and our thirsty soil. Saving water is easy, cheap, and the best way to protect our water for when we need it.

Tips to save water indoors

1. Fix leaks around the home.
2. Install low-flow showerheads.
3. Collect water from washing veggies and reuse outside.

Tips to save water outdoors

1. In your yard and garden, choose plants that use less water and are made for your climate.
2. Reduce the size of your lawn and/or cut bacn on watering.
3. Sweep outdoor areas like patios and driveways instead of cleaning with water.

Simple ways to save water around the house

The average Californian uses 196 gallons of water per day! But California is facing an unstable water future. With extreme swings between flood and drought making our future water supply uncertain, every household is being asked to save water.

Fixing toilet leaks

can save up to 200 gallons of water a a day

Filling the bathtub halfway or less

saves 17-25 gallons of water per bath

Recycling indoor water and using it to irrigate your garden

cuts water use by 30%

Use a dishwasher instead of dishwashing

saves up to 24 gallons per load of dishes

Installing aerators

makes faucets and showerheads more efficient and saves 0.7 gallons per minute

Take 5 minute showers instead of 10 minute showers

save 12.5 gallons per shower with a water-efficient showerhead

Fixing leaks inside and outside of the house

saves 27 - 90 gallons of water per day

Turn off water when brushing teeth or shaving

saves 8 gallons per person each time you brush your teeth or shave

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