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We Are Passionate About Our Community, Passionate About Justice, & Passionate About Our Families.

We’re Salva, a Non-profit organization Located in Palmdale, CA. We pride ourselves on Working hand-in-hand to address our community’s needs and defend them from social justice and discrimination. We focus on securing our family’s rights.

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Salva possesses a holistic mission, centered on fomenting education, championing the rights of our migrant community, and sharing the richness of our Latin American culture.

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Your donation will help Salva Organization continue to deliver support to the community through its services and ongoing education and awareness programs.

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November 10, 2022


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February 23, 2022

Financing and food support for Immigrant families during COVID-19

Salva Organization partners with the California Immigrant Resilience Fund to help families during these tough times. Click here to learn more: SALVA organization offers financial support and food to day…
February 16, 2022

A day without Immigrants

This past monday, February 14th, "A Day Without Immigrants" brought up a civic demonstration by organizations and members of the immigrant community to urge President Biden to hasten reforms designed…
Man standing next to volunteer booth Events
March 25, 2021

First Annual RACE Celebration, Cultural Diversity Day

Community event with a resource fair. Migration Counseling. Health care and fun for all the family. Beneficiaries of the resources: Between 150-200 people. Location: 1140 Commerce Center Dr. Lancaster CA,…

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