Literacy Classes

Why Literacy Classes?

Adults often struggle with insecurities that prevent them from taking risks and exposing their reading and writing weaknesses. This is why SALVA Organization is passionate about this Class. Our goal is to take a big step and improve our community members’ lives by providing the best teachers that respect the students and reminding them of how proud they are by recognizing and praising effort and progress, no matter how small the achievement.

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April 5, 2023


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November 10, 2022


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February 23, 2022

Financing and food support for Immigrant families during COVID-19

Salva Organization partners with the California Immigrant Resilience Fund to help families during these tough times. Click here to learn more: SALVA organization offers financial support and food to day…

Improve Yourself

We offer adults the opportunity to learn specialized methodology in both reading and writing. Classes are geared for Spanish-speaking adults, who cannot read or write in Spanish.

Upcoming Workshops

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People attending Literacy Class
People attending Literacy Class
Volunteer standing next to car taking notes EducationLiteracy Classes
March 11, 2021

Bilingual Debate

First Bilingual Debate with Candidates to the 25th District Congress. Assistance between 75-80 people
Volunteers standing next to car Computer ClassesEducationLiteracy Classes
March 11, 2021

Basic Literacy and Computing Course

6-month duration Services: Learning strategies and bilingual literacy. Introduction to basic concepts of computing and management of internet and email navigation tools. Beneficiaries of the resources: 32 people Location: 1012…

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