SALVA 6th Anniversary

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SALVA celebrates it’s 6th anniversary with a gala dinner you can’t miss! This grand event is the perfect opportunity to bring our community closer together. We invite all our members to give their voice and weight in their contribution on SALVA’s plans for 2022.

Tune in with SALVA

And enjoy this evening with us! SALVA’s anniversary dinner is the perfect opportunity to meet members of our community, to share ideas and to stay in tune to our plans for this year.

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in this special occasion

Ticket price per person: $50

Tables can be reserved for 8 people: $400

How get tickets:

Use the Paypal gateway and the REGISTRATION FORM below to register and purchase a ticket for this event.

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Partners and organizations

SALVA's members and partners

SALVA Organization works in close relation with several organizations and individuals, We will be honored to have the following as our guests:

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